Water-cooled chillers are typically more energy efficient than air-cooled chillers. The refrigerant condensing temperature in an air-cooled chiller is dependent on the ambient dry-bulb temperature. The condensing temperature in a water-cooled chiller is dependent on the condenser-water temperature, which is dependent on the ambient wet-bulb temperature.

THERMALCOOL Fresh water cooled screw chiller units provide the chilled water for all air-conditioning applications that use for air handling units or terminal units. Each unit includes accessible semi-hermetic screw compressor, a liquid cooler, water-cooled
condenser and a user friendly diagnostic control system. All chillers are produced at an ISO 9001 registered facility and rated in accordance with ARI standard 550/590 at ARI conditions. The water cooled chiller is completely assembled with all
interconnecting refrigerant piping and internal wiring which is ready for field installation. Power supply available is AC 380V/440V, 50Hz/60Hz and 3Ph. Range of cooling capacity available is from 150 kW to 1,192 kW and the refrigerant is R407C, R123A, R404A or R134A, (Option for R22), etc. We are also able to make customized design according to your special requirements. Each refrigeration circuit has four steps output control (0~25~50~75~100%) and customized to the stepless output control as optional.

Our chillers are designed with low noise, energy efficient and serviceable, semi- hermetic screw compressors with reliable twin- screw technology, which are ideally matched to evaporators and condensers configured for superior heat transfer and unit efficiency. Each compressor us mounted on the well designed and calculated isolator pads to reduce the transmission of vibration to the rest of the equipment.
Our heat exchangers offer the latest technology in heat transfer surface design  to give you maximum efficiency and compact design. Our heat exchangers are dual-circuit cooler which is the direct-expansion type, with refrigerant in the tubes and chilled water flowing through the baffled shell. They are well designed for water-side and refrigerant-side enhancements to minimize both energy consumption and tube fouling. The condenser is a cleanable thru-tube type with steel shell, copper tubes (copper nickel.tubes is available for sea-water type), removable water heads, and includes integral subcooling.

Microprocessor control is incorporated in the chillers, which allows the control system to monit or several key variables to provide the stable chilled water temperature control. The control system can monitor the leaving chilled water temperature accurately and adjust the chiller operation to minimize the possible hunting and save energy.
Its features are:

  1. color touch screen display
  2. convenient operation
  3. good human-machine interface
  4. user friendly touch screen with touch 1 million times or more. In addition, the unit has fault automatic query, the function of record, convenient search for the faults.