A packaged air-cooled unit has all of the refrigeration components, which are compressor, condenser, expansion device, and evaporator. A major advantage of this configuration is factory assembly and testing of all chiller components, including the wiring, refrigerant piping, and controls. This eliminates field labor and often results in faster installation and improved system reliability.

THERMALCOOL air-cooled package units are designed and constructed for small shopping malls and marine environments such as vessels, boats, barges, etc.

The bigger capacity unit is designed with two or more identical independent refrigerant circuits and two speed supply fan - the other circuits takes over and fan at low speed in case of one malfunctions, maintaining partial cooling under all circumstances. Each refrigerant circuit has one hermetic scroll compressor, multiple compressors concept for optimized part-load efficiency and minimized starting current.

Power supply available is AC 230V/380V/440V, 50Hz/60Hz and 1Ph/3Ph. Range of cooling capacity available is from 50 kW to 240 kW and the refrigerant is R407C, R404A, R410A and R134A. We are also able to make customized design according to your special requirements.

Our units are designed with high efficient hermetic (COPELAND or DANFOSS brand or our ThermalCool brand) compressor.

Coils are multi-pass crossed fin tube type and a washable filter is placed in front of the evaporator. Professional software coil design, 4 row or 6 row with row split, each refrigerant circuit is covering the entire coil face in two compressor units. In four compressor units, the coil is row split and has intertwined circuiting to activate the entire coil face when any compressor is started.

DX cooling coil shall be ARI certified and constructed of seamless copper tubing mechanically expanded to the aluminum fins or copper fins.

Bygold coating or E-coating is optional to protect aluminum or copper fin during the long term exposed in the harsh environment like marine operations.

Fans are constructed to act as a plenum. The efficient and quiet airfoil blade can keep the discharged velocity and lower noise and high efficiency.

Bearing lubrication lines are brought closer to the front of the unit for the easier maintenance. Fan is mounted on the spring vibration isolators and connected to the inlet side with a canvas flexible connection to get minimum vibration and noise transmission.

Our units are built with SS316L casing for outdoor installation and GI powder coated casing for indoor for indoor installation with solid and rigid steel frames. The casing is thermally insulated to prevent condensation. A plenum with grill for direct blow type or ducted blow type can be selected depending on the project requirements and fresh air intake is optional.