THERMALCOOL provision refrigeration system is designed not only for marine use but also for food storage industry with water-cooled condenser or air-cooled condenser to maintain the different required temperature for food storage separately for cold rooms and freezer rooms, which ensured perfectly balanced refrigeration system.
Provision refrigeration equipment shall comprise of two (2) sets of condensing units, which shall be water-cooled or air-cooled type and working with refrigerant of R-404A direct expansion. Two (2) condensing units shall be back-up each other in the period of maintaining room temperature and fabricated on a common skid with all necessary components and accessories.
Condensing units are designed to manually start and stop or automatically start and stop via suction pressures which after initial manual start-up.
System shall come together with ceiling suspended type air-cooler (FCU) combined with water cooled or air-cooled condensing unit to keep each cold room and freezer room at desired temperature.
Power supply available is AC 230V/380V/440V, 50Hz/60Hz and 1Ph/3Ph. Maximum cooling capacity available is up to 43 kW and the refrigerant is R404A. We are also able to make customized design as per customer’s requirements.

Bitzer, Scroll, Bock or Thermalcool brand Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor is standard selection for higher reliability and efficiency. Compressors are fitted with unloading devices.

The following main accessories are assembled in the skid together with necessary components:

  1. Suction & Discharge Stop Valve
  2. Crankcase Heater
  3. Vibration eliminator for refrigerant liquid line and suction line

The water-cooled condenser (shell & tube type) tube is constructed with high efficient 90/10 or 70/30 Cu/Ni tube, which completed with built-in receiver. Condenser end cover and tube plate are made of SS316L for anti-corrosive purpose for marine environment usage.

The air-cooled condenser comprises the several options to match the coil structure to site conditions for the best durability. According to the environmental corrosion condition, we design the unit with internal reinforcement, seamless copper tube mechanical expansion, high-efficiency aluminum fin or copper fins.

For the marine environment, we use the special coatings such as electronic coating to protect aluminum or copper fins.

Normally, condensing fans are axial flow type with dynamic and static balance, direct drive, corrosion resistant glass fiber reinforced composite blades, which are molded into a low-noise design to provide vertical air discharge from the expansion hole in order to improve fan efficiency and reduced noise. The fan guard is mode up of thick, rust-proof and steel coated.

SS 316 material is optional as per customer’s request based on the project requirements.

Fan motor is a direct drive, three phase, class “F” insulation, current protection, fully enclosed air overcurrent (TEAO), squirrel cage with permanent lubrication and ball bearing.

Roller, Gṻntner and Kuba Kelvion Brands are our standard selections for the better quality and low noise FCU units, which are designed for the higher reliability and long-term usage.

We would provide the very affordable and cost-affective FCU units brand if the customers do not have the specific and dedicated brand.

Each unit comprises of coil, casing, fan and defrosting Heater, which have the features below:

  1. The coils are built with internal grooved cooper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fins. The coils are together with thermostatic expansion valve with external pressure equalizer.
  2. The casings of FCU are built with entirely in high rigid galvanized sheet of powder coated with proper insulation.
  3. The freezer room FCU units shall be fitted with defrosting heater, including coil heater and drain pan heater. The drain pipe heater is loose supplied for field installation.