Welcome To ThermalCool

ThermalCool imposes no limits to our aspirations and level of service to our clients and possessing true knowledge on the work, therefore it has the capability to utilize every available means to achieve our client’s goals. We are determined to work for our customers with our strived mind to stay true to our slogan “Beat The Heat, Feel The Breeze”.
We strive to continually improve the relationships and execute projects for our clients, and are committed to investing in trust and confidence of customers to allow us to maintain a high reputation in the market and help us take our next great leap forward.

The Origin of ThermalCool

In 2020, we established ThermalCool to help our customers in air-conditioning and refrigeration fields with the eased mind of maintaining, servicing and troubleshooting. Our expertise helps the customer to understand critical issues, provide more innovative solutions and create a less stressful operational issues.

Fresh Ideas, Expertise, and Solutions

ThermalCool builds the new relationships with customers, suppliers and third parties to understand the difficulties and feasibilities. We are motivated with our fresh ideas to fulfil the needs of the organizations and stakeholders for the air-conditioning related issues.
Additionally, we’ve set ThermalCool priority areas to focus on making satisfactory results and reliable outcome using our expertise. They include:

Innovation and Determination

In this accumulating warmer climate, we thrive to innovate our engineering plus technology with our products to beat the heat, wherever air-conditioning and refrigeration are required.
On the front lines with customers, we aim to understand their toughest challenges and allow building owners to solve their difficulties on the maintenance of mechanical equipment such as chillers, cooling towers, air handling units and motors including servicing and repair to make them more efficiently.

Cold Room and Refrigeration

ThermalCool designs, builds and supplies the whole refrigeration system including electrical panels to be used in supermarkets, shopping malls, food factories, medicine storage, agriculture and marine usage. The benefits of having our engineering and products are cost-saving, reliability, well-known on the system with troubleshooting and long-term maintenance service.

Service and Repair

One of our strengths in the air-conditioning filed is to provide service and repair not only for our systems but also for the existing systems of building owners. We have the knowledgeable and experienced team to give the stressless feelings if there are any unsolvable issues occurred to the end users.

Building Efficiency

The demand for more energy-efficient buildings is growing in the world— to create better environments for work, reduce energy reliance, and increase a company's competitiveness. ThermalCool works and consults to further technologies that allow buildings to use energy more efficiently and intelligently. We have the experienced team to analyze and troubleshoot the building management system (BMS) to become more efficient building for the usage of air-conditioning systems till we meet the energy saving solutions.