THERMALCOOL fan coil units or cassette units can fully meet the design and usage of different air conditioning projects and can be widely used for industries and marine. We can also customize the design according to your special requirements.

Power supply available is AC 220~240V, 50Hz (60Hz) and 1Ph. Cooling capacity available is from 2 kW - 18 kW. There are a lot of different designs according to the site requirements as per below:

  1. 2 pipe 4-way cassette units
  2. 4 pipe 4-way cassette units (Type-A)
  3. 4 pipe 4-way cassette units (Type-B)
  4. Marine Duty 4-way cassette units
  5. Self-Drainage 4-way cassette units
  6. 1-way cassette units (Normal Type)
  7. 1-way cassette units (Slim Type)
  8. 2-way cassette units
  9. 2 pipe 6-way cassette units
  10. Ultra-thin ceiling cassette units
  11. Floor standing/Wall mounted fan coil units
  12. High static pressure duct type fan coil units

The coils are designed for heating and cooling (optional stainless steel electric heating).
Standard coils are made of copper tubes, mechanically connected to aluminum fins or copper fins, and the galvanized steel frame contains threaded copper joints.

Coil material is optional as per below specification:

  • Anti - corrosion coating coil or electronic coating
  • heating steam coil
  • the evaporator coils
  • copper fins
  • stainless steel frame

All coils are selected by the computer to achieve the best measurement efficiency under low air pressure and low water pressure. All coils are leak tested at 28 bar, and the maximum design pressure is 25 bar.

Capacitor starter motor, low noise ball bearing, no additional lubrication, high, medium and low three-level speed.

The condensed water tray adopts the "dry tray" design and is made of stainless steel.

One-time molding, no welds, no joints; the surface is treated with plastic spray, which greatly extends the service life.

Flexible and convenient configuration: high static pressure fan and return air box can be provided according to needs.