Air-cooled scroll chillers are delivered as a “packaged system” with reduced design time, simplified installation, higher reliability and single-source responsibility are all factors that make the factory packaging of the condenser, compressor, and evaporator as a major benefit.

THERMALCOOL air-cooled chillers provide the quiet and efficient all-in-one package units with top-quality components. A unit shall include a complete system with not less than two independent refrigerant circuits, hermetic scroll compressors, direct expansion type evaporator, air-cooled condenser,  a lot of refrigerant, lubrication system, interconnecting wiring, safety and operating controls such as capacity controller, control center, motor starting components. We are also able to make customized design according to your special requirements.

Power supply available is AC 380V/440V, 50Hz/60Hz and 3Ph. Range of cooling capacity available is from 10 kW to 200 kW and the refrigerant is R407C, R404A, R410A and R134A. We are also able to make customized design according to your special requirements.

Our units are designed with ultra-quiet, high-efficiency rotary scroll compressors (COPELAND or DANFOSS brand or our ThermalCool brand) to operate with independent circuit for greater efficiency at partial loads.

Coils are designed and constructed to match with site conditions for the best durability which are depending on the environmental corrosion situation. Internal structure is enhanced with seamless copper tubes mechanically expanded into aluminum alloy fins or copper fins with full height collars.

Protection coatings such as Blygold or E-coating is provided as optional especially for marine environment.

Fans are constructed with dynamically and statically balanced, direct drive, corrosion resistant glass fiber reinforced composite blades for better efficiency and low sound. Each fan is boxed in its own compartment to prevent cross flow during fan cycling. We can customize SS316L for marine environment and ex-proof for anti-sparking design.

Standard type as shell-and-tube or optional as plate type is designed and constructed. Evaporator tubes shall be internally enhanced seamless copper type rolled into tube sheets. Shell shall be insulated with foam as closed-cell with a maximum K-factor. Design shall incorporate a minimum of two independent direct-expansion refrigerant circuits. Unit shall be tested and stamped in accordance with ASME standard.

Our units are structurally built with cold-rolled steel for maximum structure integrity. The zinc-dipped and powder painted galvanized frame provides the best protection for weather and corrosion resistance. We can customize SS316L as optional.

Microprocessor control overall unit operation such as internal timers, reading inputs, analog to digital conversions, fan control, diagnostic control, out relay control, demand limit, capacity control, head pressure control and temperature reset, etc.