The primary difference between a chilled-water system and air-cooled system is that air-cooled system does not include the chilled-water loop, hence it contains propeller-type fans that draw outdoor air across the finned-tube condenser coils. Instead, heat is transferred from the airside loop directly to the refrigerant loop.

THERMALCOOL air-cooled screw chiller units provide the chilled water for all air-conditioning applications that use for air handling units or terminal units.

They are completely self-contained and designed for indoor installation. Each unit includes accessible semi-hermetic screw compressors, a liquid cooler, air-cooled condenser and a user friendly and diagnostic control station.

All chillers are produced at an ISO 9001 registered facility and rated in accordance with ARI standard 550/590 at ARI conditions.

Power supply available is AC 380V/440V, 50Hz/60Hz and 3Ph. Range of cooling capacity available is from 150 kW to 1,192 kW and the refrigerant is R407C, R404A, R410A and R134A, etc. We are also able to make customized design according to your special requirements.

Our chillers are designed with low noise, energy efficient and serviceable, semi- hermetic screw compressors with reliable twin- screw technology, which are ideally matched to evaporators and condensers configured for superior heat transfer and unit efficiency. Each compressor us mounted on the well designed and calculated isolator pads to reduce the transmission of vibration to the rest of the equipment.

High efficiency, direct-expansion type cooler with refrigerant in tubes and chilled liquid through the baffled shell.

Copper tube and aluminum fin condenser coils of seamless, internally enhanced, high condensing coefficient, corrosion resistant copper tubes arranged in staggered rows and mechanically bonded to corrosion resistant aluminum blue fins with full height fin collars. Copper fin is also available according to user’s preferences. Condenser fans with low noise, full airfoil across section for maximum efficiency, statically and analytically balanced for low vibration operation and positioned in extended, formed steel orifices for low sound and maximum efficiency. Condenser fan motors are high efficiency, direct drive, current overload protected, totally enclosed type with double sealed, permanently lubricated ball bearings.

Independent refrigerant circuit per compressor use copper refrigerant pipe formed on the computer controlled bending system which eliminated over 60% of system piping brazed joints compared to the designs that use fittings. As a result, it becomes a highly reliable and leak resistant system.

Each refrigerant circuit includes the manual shut-off valve with charging port, high absorption removable core filter-drier, oil separator, solenoid valve, sight glass with moisture-indicator and reliable thermostatic expansion valves.

Each refrigeration circuit has four steps output control (0~25~50~75~100%) and customized to the stepless output control as optional. The fully integrated control system maintains efficient control over the compressors, unloaders, expansion valves and condenser fans to optimize the performance as conditions change.

By utilizing valve position information, the control maintains the highest possible evaporator pressure and minimizes the excessive superheat that conventional thermal expansion valve systems require.